About Us

Our Philosophy

matchbox and Ignite are mortgage focused companies that blend the complexity of mortgage banking into user friendly technolgy solutions. Our teams have a vast and diverse level of front line mortgage banking experience that we desing and implement to assist our clients in undertanding mortgage workflow challenges and how to simplfy them within Encompass.

We have learned that Encompass based techhnology solutions are not plug and play. They require a client based technical solution, a strong training process, and a repettive support prcoess for addressing production based requests. 

Encompass bootcamp has been developed to arm our client base with simple, easy to find traning videos to aid the implementation and support processes for new and existing Encompass users. Bootcamp has been buit to be a revolutionary, organic training and support module that provides a contonuous source of Encompass based knowledge tools for new and existing users. 

 Repetition is the key to mastering Encompass. Bootcamp provides unlimited use to access real life learning tools on demand. It will allow you and your team to train their mind and get into the best Encompass shape to close more loans with less effort. 

Our logo supports our mission statement to you- EDUCATE- AUTOMATE- DOMINATE